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I love conceptualising and executing original ideas that harness brand identity and originality.



I love to work with artists and performers to see how we can maximise the effect and impact of their craft.  Matching the right product with the right production increases the value effect for an audience.



I love to help clients reach new heights and gain more significant influence through their live events.

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Having some experience in front of camera myself, I know how hard it can be to relax into the moment.  I love working with talent to help them tap into their most natural self.


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I have a broad experiencing conceptualising and executing high concept stories and love the challenge of finding unique and exciting ways to engage with audiences on a heart, mind and soul level.

Concept Creation

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Originally from Tasmania where I have national television broadcast credits, notably as director and videographer for 'Drive', an ABC Documentary.  Other factual and creative projects include such themes as Aboriginal rights, micro- finance n Uganda, the art of skateboarding as well as general coverage of live performances and events.

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